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Pair of Classic Agavus Walnut 44mm and Maple 35mm - Leather

Pair of Classic Agavus Walnut 44mm and Maple 35mm - Leather

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We believe that each person has a unique story to tell. That is why we are dedicated to capturing your story in each of our products, every detail is carefully considered so that the final result is a beautiful and meaningful object that that special person can treasure forever.

We start from the idea of ​​returning to our natural roots, using ecological and organic materials, implementing hybrid production processes between automated and artisanal.

Our classic line was designed with an artisanal essence, working the wood by brushing it into thin sheets, cutting precision pieces with a laser.  CO2 _ high quality and carefully assembled by hand, made of American Walnut and Pacific Maple wood, covers in American Walnut and American Oak wood, all its details in black and gold stainless steel.

Made with 100% natural wood. Created and manufactured by Mexican designers, in collaboration with artisans, promoting fair and local trade between the artisan, the producer and the customer.

Handmade in Mexico with love.

Japanese quartz  | MIYOTA CITIZEN
Frame material 100% natural wood Pacific Maple and American Walnut.

Diameter - 35mm/44mm

Width - 10.5mm


Hardened mineral | 2.0mm with bezel.

Waterproof Our products are made from 100% natural wood, they have a special coating based on natural waxes and oils that work as a sealant and lacquer. They are not waterproof , they cannot be submerged, however you will have no problem with daily use since they withstand splashes, hand washing, sweat, etc.


Covers made of wood American Oak and American Walnut. Indexes, logo, crown and hands in 316L stainless steel with PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) coating, gold and black.
Belt 18mm/20mm | Nopal skin made by local artisans , 316L stainless steel buckle PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) coating, brushed gold and black color.
Adjustable length Min. 122mm | Max. 185mm

100% natural Teak wood.

(High 25mm - Long 280mm - Width 90mm)

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