• Our products are made with 100% natural wood to which a permeable additive is applied for daily use. Based on natural waxes and oils.

    They are subjected to quality tests for daily use.

    Avoid excessive exposure of wood to sun and humidity.

  • As they are made of wood, they should not be in constant exposure to moisture or water. You will not find any problem with daily use such as washing hands, sweat or light rain. Our pieces are splash resistant but not waterproof. We suggest you avoid any type of direct contact with water.

  • Our pieces are made with natural components that need to be treated with love and respect, so they cannot be compared with other plastic or metal products. You will have no problem with its daily use. However, we recommend you not to use it in physical activities , sports or that involve physical contact.

  • Some of our pieces are made of 100% genuine leather, to preserve its original appearance, protect the skin from water, sweat, humidity, grease, perfumes, cosmetics and chemical products.

  • In our commitment to the environment, some of our pieces are made of nopal skin.

    To prevent the nopal leather from drying out and cracking, it is important to keep it hydrated . You can use a leather conditioner specifically for nopal leather or even coconut oil or olive oil to moisturize it.

  • Leather will naturally change its appearance over time, becoming softer and acquiring a unique patina that adds character and personality. The marks and wrinkles that form in the leather with use are considered a sign of authenticity and quality, which makes each piece unique and unrepeatable.

  • Your watch uses a 1.5 volt MIYOTA caliber 377 battery. If necessary, we suggest replacing it at any jewelry store, specialized watch store or directly with us.