• Warranty

    All our products have a 180-day warranty on manufacturing defects. Our pieces are made with natural components that need to be treated with love and respect, so they cannot be compared with other plastic or metal products. This warranty covers manufacturing defects, not wear and tear from daily use or lack of care. The warranty may be rejected on products that show evidence of abuse. Agavus reserves the right to such decision.

  • Returns & Exchanges

    It is our intention to create a unique shopping experience. Some products may be returned or exchanged within the first 15 days after delivery. Returns will only be accepted if the product has not been used and comes in its original packaging. If you need to make a change or return, please contact us via email, on our social networks or our website.

    • Changes within the first 15 days of delivery. *Shipping costs apply.
    • Returns within the first 15 days of delivery.

    • If your guide was already generated by our automatic system, but your order has not yet been recorded, only the shipping value will be discounted.

    • In personalized articles, the return consists of only 50% since we must absorb the shipping costs and the personalized article.

    To maintain this limited warranty, the product must be operated and maintained in accordance with the instructions for use. Abuse, damage to the machinery, alterations or scratches will not be covered by the guarantee. Agavus will not be responsible for loss of or damage to the product.

  • Repairs

    If you need any type of repair, contact us to see your case, we will charge you a small amount. Depending on the damage of your product