Detrás del grano: Las diversas maderas que definen nuestro Arte

Behind the grain: The various woods that define our Art

At Agavus, we value the beauty of wood. Each watch we create is a unique work of art, and much of that uniqueness comes from the woods we use in its manufacture. We want to share with you the meaning behind the different types of wood we use in our personalized wooden watches: Teak, Mahogany, American Walnut, Pacific Maple, Red Sandalwood and Ebony.

Teak: Elegance and Strength in One Material

Teak wood is a symbol of elegance and strength. Its distinctive grain and warm gold color add a touch of warmth and sophistication to our watches. Opting for teak in an Agavus watch is opting for a symbol of durability and resistance.

Mahogany: Timeless Beauty

Known for its timeless beauty, mahogany is a natural treasure. An Agavus mahogany watch epitomizes classic elegance and luxury that never goes out of style. It is a tribute to the sophistication that endures through the ages.

American Walnut: The Essence of Forests

The hickory captures the very essence of the woods. An American walnut clock from Agavus connects us to the natural wonder of the American forests. It is a tribute to the majesty and vitality that flourishes in nature.

Pacific Maple: Creativity and Versatility

Pacific maple is a light, versatile wood that lends itself to a wide range of designs. It represents the creativity and versatility of our brand, allowing us to create unique and personalized watches.

Red Sandalwood: Spirituality and Serenity

Red sandalwood is known for its distinctive aroma and spiritual properties. An Agavus red sandalwood watch can be a reminder of serenity and spirituality in everyday life.

Ebony: The Elegant Darkness

Ebony, with its deep black color, is an embodiment of elegance in its darkest form. An ebony watch from Agavus is a bold statement of style and sophistication. Represents beauty in the darkness.

Each of these types of wood is carefully selected to create clocks that not only keep time, but also tell a story. An Agavus wood watch becomes a meaningful piece, a constant reminder of the beauty of nature and our natural roots. At Agavus, we combine these exceptional woods with custom engravings and unique details to create a watch that is truly yours. . Explore our collection and find the wooden watch that best suits your personal style and meaning.

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