• Returning to our natural roots

    Our intention is to create original and unique handmade design pieces, capturing a feeling and experience in each piece we make. We use natural, beautiful and organic materials in their purest state, in order to cause the least environmental impact.

  • Proudly Mexican

    Our pieces are made with 100% natural wood. Created and manufactured by Mexican designers and artisans in collaboration with indigenous people, promoting local fair trade between the artisan, the producer and the client.

  • Tell your own story...

    We focus on creating time pieces that tell a story. Each product we make has a unique color and texture of its kind. Write your own story...

  • Personalization

    Personalization is the essence of our brand. We want our customers to feel identified with our products and to be able to create an emotional connection with them.

  • local trade

    Local commerce is vital to the community, because it not only strengthens the economy, creates jobs and protects the environment, but also allows us to connect emotionally with our local businesses and products. Shopping at local businesses allows us to feel part of a community and create closer relationships with those around us.

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